Prijava za OSI – Povrede na radu

The Association of Persons with Disabilities Belgrade invites all interested persons with disabilities who have acquired a disability due to an injury at work to contact us in order to facilitate the exercise of their rights and obtain free legal advice.  

Prijavu vršite popunjavanjem formulara ispod

VAŽNO – Kad popunite formular neophodno je da nam dostavite rešenje o invalidnosti. Rešenje možete dostaviti na dva načina.

  • ako ga imate u elektronskom obliku na mail adresu:
  • ako nemate u elektronskom obliku kopiju rešenja pošaljete na adresu udruženja: Dragoslava Srejovića 8a, 11000 Beograd, Srbija

Kontakt telefon: 064/661-8638


    Check the appropriate boxes

    Speech and language disordersHearing impairmentVisual impairmentIntellectual disabilitiesPsychosomatic disordersChronic illnessesPhysical disabilityMultiple impairments


    Unfinished elementary schoolFinished elementary schoolFinished high schoolFinished higher education schoolFinished universityMagister/Master degree

    UnemployedEmployed through a youth employment serviceEmployed temporarilyEmployed indefinitelyEmployed but working unregistered

    Write the name of the job title, and describe what you do


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